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A highly experienced and flexible team committed to addressing your needs. QLex advises and coaches lawyers in adapting business practices to legal work.  Examples range from budgeting, pricing, and project management for specific matters to strategic planning, marketing, and cost analysis.  In a profession that is slow to change, we bring a balanced and thoughtful approach to the challenges confronting law firms and corporate legal departments.  Our deep experience in all segments of the legal industry provide a unique perspective on the cultural barriers and opportunities that must be addressed to achieve measurable results.

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Rapid response, virtual team creation,
and senior-level involvement
in every engagement.

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Our core team is hands-on for managing all engagements.  We draw on a group of carefully selected affiliates to form a project team with the skills and experience that best suits your goals and budget.  Most of our team has practiced law; others have spent at least 20 years supporting lawyers in executive positions in law firms and corporate legal departments.  All have practical business experience, and a track record for delivering useful, high-impact services to the legal profession.  Our fee structure reflects our commitment to align our pricing with our clients’ budgets and perception of value.  We generally work on a fixed fee, based on an agreed-upon scope of work, timetable, and project plan. QLex’s ultimate goal is to improve the economic outcome for both the buyer and the seller of legal services. To learn more, browse Perspectives and Our Services / Your Needs.